Sarah’s Nerium EHT Progress Continues

I am so excited about Nerium’s EHT and Sarah’s progress since taking the supplement!  Here’s what happened!!! While everyone was enjoying the Easter holiday, our Sarah was doing something that she could never tolerate before. This is something that is so huge for Sarah, she went to the movies!!!received_1176755319004197

Her staff member said that they took her to the movies and she did really really good!!! This is a HUGE thing for Sarah!!! She went to see the movie Zootopia at about 11:00 a.m. Their were about 15 people in the theater. She sat through the movie and was really focused on it. She had popcorn and clapped and laughed. After the movie she had a discussion about it with her staff members! For someone like Sarah who has major sensory issues this is a really really big deal!!!received_1176755372337525

The other day Sarah wanted to meet up with us at Jamba Juice. Sarah (with her staff worker beside her) ordered her own juice and tolerated (even though it was hard for her) the loud music, the noise of the blenders and the other customers. The workers at Jamba Juice even said that they would turn down the music. We asked Sarah if she would like the music turned down she said no thank you. When things looked like they were getting to much for her, we would ask her if she wanted to leave and she would fold her hands together and take deep breaths and tell us that she wanted to stay. This amazed me because noises like that would have sent her into a meltdown of major proportions before.IMG_20160322_183019068

I wish that everyone could see me jumping up and down with excitement with Sarah’s progress. Since Sarah has been taking Nerium’s EHT  we and her staff have noticed marked improvements in her focus, eye contact, cognitive skills, better sleep and I personally would say social awareness. We are excited for Sarah and we believe that her overall quality of life is better because she is taking Neruim’s EHT brain supplement.EHT BenefitsNerium-EHT-Supplement-450-450x450

I feel so blessed to share Sarah’s progress with all of you. I have waited for so long for her life to be easier and it seems to be happening for her. I truly believe that if EHT can help Sarah who has been diagnosed with multiple brain disorders, it can help anyone. EHT can help you even if you have a healthy brain to keep it healthy. Even people with healthy brains have reported more focus, energy, alertness, better memory recall ect… We as a family started taking EHT before we had Sarah take the supplement and noticed better memory recall, focus and sleep. My husband does not even snore very much anymore since he has been taking EHT brain supplement.

If you would like to find out more about Nerium’s EHT please feel free to contact me. I would really like to help anyone that I can find out for themselves how effective I believe Nerium’s EHT brain supplement is.

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