Labeled Disabled Does Not Mean You Cannot Learn

My title is right. Just because a person is labeled disabled does not mean that they cannot learn. I cannot believe that there are still some people out there that are in stone age thinking.

Let me enlighten a few people out there with my rant. As you all no, my Sarah has been diagnosed with Autism and other disabled labels. Was it hard for her to learn? YES! Do you know why? Let me tell you, because some of her teachers did not teach her in the way that she could learn. They were to much by the book. It was not their fault, that is just how it was back in the 1990’s.2014-02-04 21.44.28

Did Sarah’s teachers inability to effectively teach her stop Sarah from learning? NO!!! Tell me how many people (that are labeled disabled) out there have 3 jobs to help support themselves to be as independent as possible and went to the State Capitol to fight to keep the right to have her jobs. My Sarah did!2015-02-24 13.29.00-22015-02-24 13.26.58-3

Sarah took the IQ test and it said hers was 61. She is verbal and very smart. The dr’s told us she not talk or probably not walk, she does both. She may not be a scholar in the traditional sense, but she can take a vacuum apart and put it back together again, without reading instructions and have it working better than it was before.

Sarah has learned to advocate as much as possible for herself and we do the rest for her.

I am writing this to encourage anyone out there that no matter what an IQ test says or anyone else for that matter, you are a blessing and you can learn. Don’t let your label in life define you or limit you.



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