Autism and Genealogy Fixations

I want to reblog this to see if anyone in Hungary, Romania, Czechoslovakia or any surrounding countries might no something of my John Mike. Or maybe even Pine County or Bovey, Minnesota. Thanks for any help and thank you Joyce Peraaho for looking in Bovey for me 🙂

Sarah's Voice

I don’t know about you but Sarah would get fixated on certain things. Her fixations usually would be on mechanical things like vacuums and smoke detectors.

Well, imagine my surprise when Sarah started asking me what was your grandparents names, your great grandparents names, your great great grandparents names ect…..

I am a family historian and have been for many years. When Sarah started asking me these questions I brought out the pictures that I had of the grandparents she was asking the names for.

When I brought out the wedding picture of her great great grandparents (my great grandparents) John Mike and Clarissa (Wooster) Mike, Tuenge she immediatly fixated on the picture. Mostly she was fixated on the image of John Mike. She asked me what his parents names were and I had know answer for her. John Mike has been my brick wall genealogy wise for a very…

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