Homemade Lotion for Sarah

Sarah has always been very sensitive to smell. Today she and her staff came over and we had a cook out.

The visit went really well. Sarah is very curious, so when she went into our bathroom she wanted to smell all the lotions. As most of you who have children/adult with Autism smell is a very sensitive thing.

I make lotions using everything natural. She was immediately in love with the smell of cocoa butter. I promised I would make her a lotion using cocoa butter and it would smell like cocoa butter.

Now I need to look up some DIY recipes for lotions that smell like cocoa butter HELP!!!! I thought that this might be a great way to slowly introduce essential oils into her skin. She loves to smell good.

Our cook out went great. Sarah had a great day today and we are so proud of her.

2005-10-16 21.32.47 2005-10-16 21.04.23 2005-10-16 20.46.35 I am so excited to make her a lotion. This could be the start of something great 🙂


2 thoughts on “Homemade Lotion for Sarah

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