To Everyone Touched By Autism

To the parent who spend endless time at IEP meeting, therapies, classes, parent meetings and appointments, to the parent who stay up till the early hours in the morning reading to understand and aid your love one, to have to start the day in a short time, to the parent who spend sleepless nights in the hospital for countless reasons and still keep a smile on your face to keep your child at ease, to the parent who’s called at anytime of the day to get your child because they are having a meltdown, to the parent who has to see their loved one struggle to learn to eat, walk, drink, speak and potty train, to the parent who was never able to hold the child, touch the child, kiss the child until they fall into a deep enough sleep, to the parent who had to frantically look for their child in panic until the child was safe in her arms, to the parent who listen to the same sentences over and over even in her sleep, to the parent who had to explain a meltdown to anyone while at the same time keeping her child safe from others around her, to the parents who had to give in, not give up to keep the child from a meltdown as others around judge their parenting, to the parent who had to endure the pain of a bite, hair being ripped out or a kick without showing distress in their face no matter the pain, to the parent who cried endless nights for the reality of your child’s past, present and future, for the parent, friend and sister who had to deal with others problems and feel sympathy for others concerns when it was not an option for you, to that parent who sits in the back of a movie, party restaurants to have a path to exit at any time. We are super parents, one of a kind and as the list can go on and on we carry on with love in our hearts, the knowledge of a doctor and the wisdom of philosophers, the patience of a physiologist, the humor of a comedian and unconditional love of a child.
KUDOS to all who love someone with Autism!!! 

~ Viviana Sweeneyll

The above writings of Viviana Sweeney are so right on I had to share it. Below is a picture of our daughter Sarah when she was about 3 weeks old. One of my favorite pictures of her.Image


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