Planting Seeds of Christ

This is so true. I needed this today.

Karina's Thought

Planting seeds of ChristPlanting seeds of Christ is a powerful way of serving the Lord. Sometimes the simple things in life are where it begins, like a friendly smile to someone who you pass on the street. Planting seeds doesn’t mean we have to be pushy or loud when we share God’s love. We might be given a hundred opportunities in one single day to plant a seed of God’s love, sadly sometimes we miss out, we don’t slow down for the opportunity or we don’t see it.

There are far too many lost souls living in this broken world that crave for the truth, and desire something more in their life but can’t put their finger on it. What they need is Jesus! What they need are Christ followers to serve God through planting seeds of His love. This job doesn’t require a degree, the ability to write an essay, or meet…

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