Bowen Therapy – Animals and Challenged Individuals

I have been keeping up on the research of Bowen Therapy and how it works for challenged individuals. As it turns out Bowen Therapy is very beneficial for animals as well.images (1)

Bowen Therapy is a very non evasive technic. Now, Sarah has been to traditional doctors that put her on traditional medicines that she needed at the time. Sarah has also been to chiropractor’s that have really helped her along the way also. Now Sarah has been diagnosed with arthritis in her knees. The traditional medicines that she is on are just a band-aid and not getting to the root of what is really going on in her body. chiropractor’s are to evasive for her now because of the arthritis.

I am encouraging the Bowen Technique for Sarah more and more. I am astounded at the success they are having with people with special needs.

Bowtech (the original bowen therapy) is a ‘complementary’ modality in the sense that it enhances and complements, but does not interfere with, traditional medical attention. Bowtech’s input to the nervous system is very subtle, and the body responds over time. For that reason, it’s best to avoid other manipulative therapies for several days before and after a Bowtech session lest they interfere with the body’s response to the Bowtech.

Before the session
The ideal time for a Bowtech session is immediately after an injury. That way, your body can overcome the trauma before it begins to compensate for it. (The compensations often create more problems in the long run than the initial trauma itself.) If you can’t get to a Bowtech practitioner immediately, the sooner you can, the better. Within three days is ideal for the quickest and most complete recovery.
Many people don’t find out about Bowtech until weeks, months, or even years of trying other approaches or learning to live with it. If that’s the case with you, you’ll get the best results from your Bowtech if you:

Don’t have any other forms of bodywork for four days beforehand.
Avoid heavy exercise on the day of your session.
Don’t use ice or heat on the site of injury.
Wear or bring light-weight, loose-fitting clothing that your practitioner can work through. Or be prepared to be worked on in your underclothes, under sheets or blankets for modesty and comfort.bowen_child

This is a testimony of how the Bowen Treatments can work for children with special needs.

Thomas – developmental and learning difficulties

Thomas is my 8 year old son, who has special needs. He has global developmental delay, moderate learning difficulties, low muscle tone, lax joints and speech problems. He attends a special needs school.

About four months ago, Thomas’ teachers and myself were very concerned about his behaviour. He was very disruptive in class, displaying inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour, with temper tantrums and making noises. The problems continued onto the minibus which transported him to and from school. Thomas had also started pulling out his eyelashes. This was very distressing to see.

One of his teachers suggested we pay a visit to the Bowen society. She had heard that the treatment technique used was very beneficial for special needs children and seemed to calm and soothe them. I had not heard of this treatment before and did not know what to expect, but we decided to give it a try. I’m so glad that we did!

Thomas has now had 8 treatments, with remarkable results. He visits every other Saturday with each treatment lasting about 45 minutes. The treatment consists of very gentle (but very powerful) movements all over the body, as necessary. The therapists are very kind and gentle and treat the children very well. Thomas looks forward to his treatment and says it makes him feel relaxed and sleepy.

I never would have believed the change in him in such a short time! It’s nothing short of a miracle! Thomas is now like a different child. after only a few visits the teachers asked had anything changed with his routine, as Thomas was much improved at school. now they say whatever we’re doing – keep doing it!

Thomas has asthma and has frequent chest infections, requiring lots of antibiotics and steroids. One of the Bowen therapists, who is a nutritionist, recommended Thomas take certain supplements, which would improve his health and boost his immune system. He was very underweight and frail with a very poor appetite. He needed daily medicine for severe constipation. Since having Bowen, his appetite has improved, and at last, he has started to put on a little weight. Best of all, he no longer needs his constipation medicine.

Due to his joint and muscle problems Thomas didn’t take his first steps until he was three years old. He has painful joints, particularly in his legs. As a result, he can’t walk very far without pain. He uses a large buggy when required. Since having Bowen treatment he has much more stamina and is able to walk further without feeling pain. He recently was able to walk twice around the lake without complaining.

His balance is also greatly improved. He enjoys visits to the farm where he likes to have pony rides. I always had to help him to sit upright in the saddle and walk alongside supporting him. The last few rides he has been able to sit up perfectly, with no need for me to hold him. He was told he’d make a great jockey!

Thomas’ behaviour has improved dramatically. He has settled down at school and is behaving well. He is kind and helpful with his class mates and at home. He no longer pulls out his eyelashes. He no longer causes trouble on the school transport (in fact, when another child on the bus spoiled a cake he had made he just ignored them and looked away. Previously he would have made a scene.) He is much calmer and happier, which makes for a more relaxed home life for the whole family.

He now concentrates for longer periods and is now more able to write his name clearly. He is now able to colour in pictures competently and is producing some lovely pictures.

Thomas has speech problems and lacks confidence as he knows his speech is not always clear. He has been reluctant in the past to speak in front of the whole class but recently was able to stand up in front of the whole school and sang a song on his own. He also has a small speaking part in a play.

We have had more help from the therapists at Bowen than we have had from the numerous doctors etcetera that we have seen at numerous hospitals over the years. I can’t thank them enough and very much appreciate their work with Thomas.

The Bowen therapists are angels and they can work miracles.

This is how Bowen Therapy can work to help animals;

The Bowen Technique is a minimally invasive, highly relaxing and low stress therapy. The work is so gentle and non-invasive it can be applied to animals in traumatic situations.

It can be used for both large and small animals, domesticated and wild animals, those in rehabilitation, or suffering from injury, abuse or disease, and is currently in use in veterinary clinics in the U.S. and Canada.

Types of animals successfully treated with Touch Balancing have included: horses, dogs, cats (large and small felines, birds, cows, pigs, llamas, emus, foxes, coyotes, wolves, iguanas, chameleons, opossums. 

Animals treated with the Bowen Technique show a general improvement in well-being and may experience relief from lameness, malaise, digestive problems, allergies and skin conditions.  Bowen may also help improve negative emotional states and behavior.  It is also extremely effective at calming anxiety, fear and aggression.

The Bowen Technic is very beneficial. I have had it done to me after my car accident in 2000. It took some time, but my body was able to heal naturally with this non evasive technic.

This video shows just how non evasive the Bowen Technic is.


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