Mother murders her Autistic son

I have read about Dorothy Spourdalakis’s unwavering pursuit to get her son the help he needed. I am sorry that she felt she had no other choice but to murder her own son whom she tried so hard to advocate for.

Let me tell you, for a mother to get to the point where Dorothy Spourdalakis was is horrifying. She had been trying to get help for her son but there was none. Finally all hope had evidently gone from her and she took the only avenue she thought in her disturbed exhausted mind that would put an end to the pain. That was to murder her son Alex who was diagnosed as severely Autistic.

This is a very sad and tragic situation and I am concerned that situations like this will become more and more evident if something is not done to help families that are caring for an Autistic family member.

When your child is diagnosed with Autism there seem to be all sorts of resources for them unless they are to challenged. When they are to challenged with Autism then professionals will mention that the only way you may get help is if you put your child in a state institution under the psychiatric ward.

They can be in the psychiatric ward for usually no longer than 3 or 4 months. If they are not under control by then and are rejected for group home placement ect…. they will get to go back home and then you are back at square one.

I know this from experience and it is one of my guilt factors that I have to press through every day.

I am in no way excusing Dorothy for what she did. What she did was wrong on many levels. I do however understand the exhaustion and frustration of trying to help your challenged child and getting either no response or the run around. I am so grateful to God and my family that I did not get to the point of hoplessness.

People, when you see a family going through this situation don’t scowl at them, help them. A kind word and kind actions go a long way. Just remember this could have been your family just as easily as it was theirs.

1 in 88 or even 1 in 50 diagnosis of Autism is way to many, and it seems to be rising at a rapid rate so don’t ever think it won’t happen to your family.


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