Unbreakable Faith

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unbreakable faith

When the first time I read this story, I was deeply moved and very impressed on one figure in this true story. This story illustrates a 12 years old Japanese boy who has strength of faith so amazingly. Ibaragi Kun. He has unbreakable faith!

Japan. November 23, 1596 is the beginning of Christian persecution in Japan. Ibaragi Kun and twenty-six people were arrested in Kyoto, Japan and will be executed. At that time, there is a soldier took him aside and urges him to deny or recant his faith to save his life. Looking the soldier in the eye, Ibaragi said confidently, “Sir, it would be far better if you yourself became a Christian. Then you could go to heaven with me.” the soldier stared! Startled by Ibaragi faith and then Ibaragi said: Sir, where is my cross?

The soldier was bewildered and pointed to a small cross. The Young…

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