Mother Slain and her family kicked out?!!!!!

Can you believe this? A woman Sandra Roskilly was senselessly murdered on her front porch by gunman Daniel Abeyta and now the family members that were living with her which were her elderly mother and her autistic son are being kicked out of their home!

Three days after a Denver woman was brutally murdered, the city’s housing authority evicted her family because the slain woman was the only one on the lease.

Just days after losing a loved one, the victim’s mother and autistic son are now homeless, sleeping wherever they can after they were booted from their own house.

“We haven’t processed that Sandy’s gone yet,” the victim’s sister-in-law, Letta Campbell, told KWGN. But the family wasn’t even allowed to mourn before receiving the eviction notice from the Denver Housing Authorityon Monday. Roskilly died without a will, which legally transfers all of her personal belongings to a public administrator.

Since the shooting victim was the only one on the lease, Roskilly’s family members were forced to vacate the house less than six hours after receiving the notice. Doris Kessler, the 70-year-old mother of the victim, as well as Roskilly’s 18-year-old autistic son, were forced to leave the house on Monday. After kicking them out, Housing Authority officials changed the locks.

This is just blatantly wrong! I hope that the people of Denver rally around this family and do the right thing by this family.womanslayeddenver



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