Update to Morning Sex Ad

This is totally off the topics I usually post, but this is a very important topic and needs more awareness and people to stand up and fight!

Rebeca Seitz's Blog

I went to church this morning with a whirlwind swirling inside. My husband – still on his business trip – is as calm and stabilizing a force to my frenetic pace as the magnetic pointer in a shaken compass.

So, when my quiet little blog here had well over 40,000 people stop by for a read about the soft porn ad that played during Good Morning America last week – burning an image into my son’s 8-year-old brain that will never go away – I really, really wanted my husband home. To talk. To think out loud. To process and react. Pretty sure we’ve used up the minutes on our cell plan at this point. (And thanks, Apple, for the wonder of FaceTime!)

CommentersI’ve read the vast majority of comments y’all left on the blog, my FB, Todd Starnes’ FB, Joe Pags’ Twitter, and on other FB and Twitter…

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