Autism, Fun and Epic Motorcycle

Normally I never see the words Autism, Fun and Epic Motorcycle in the same sentence. So, I just thought I would  put it as my title.

I came across this picture and I just had to share it. This picture represents a breaking out point to me. No longer is Autism being pushed aside and ignored.

This picture is outside the box thinking completely. This picture is support and saying you are not alone in this journey of Autism. This picture of this beautiful motorcycle has an in your face boldness to it.

Autism is not being kept quiet any longer! I am so grateful that parents and individuals are speaking out and boldly going forth about getting the awareness of the Autism Spectrum out there.

The boldness of this Epic Motorcycle speaks volumes. The awareness of Autism is not just being shared just on the social media. Now the awareness is on the road 🙂 Not only on the road but having fun!Epic Cycle


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