Medical Marijuana and Autism

Medical Cannabis Growing Operation in Oakland,...

Medical Cannabis Growing Operation in Oakland, California (Photo credit: Rusty Blazenhoff)


English: Medical Marijuana surrounding a vapor...

English: Medical Marijuana surrounding a vaporizer for healthy intake of the medicine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am sure that everyone has their opinions about Medicinal Marijuana, and what affects it could have on a person with Autism. What would you do? Would you consent to Medicinal Marijuana being a medicine for your family member with Autism? Or would you still go with the traditional medicines that have all kinds of awful side effects?


People say that Marijuana is a gateway drug. Now I don’t know if those particular people are just referring to plain off the street Marijuana, or the Medicinal Marijuana. A gateway drug? Hummmm……maybe to the refrigerator.


There is no doubt that Marijuana has some side effects, but to me they don’t seem nearly as detrimental as the traditional medicines that our doctors want us to take. Just a thought.


I am not a doctor, nor am I saying that Marijuana is a cure-all. What I would like, is some feed back as to whether anyone else has thought of this as an alternative medicine, and does it work to calm down, some of the behaviors that people with Autism have to endure on a daily basis?


To my knowledge (such as it is), Medicinal Marijuana has had no adverse affect on the majority of responsible adult people who use it. I have been told that you can’t die from an overdose of Medicinal Marijuana, you just go to sleep if you have had to much of it.


So again I ask, could Medicinal Marijuana help people with Autism, if it is prescribed and distributed responsibly? Please tell me what you think.





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