He will Always Carry Us

Karina's Thought

When I’m reading a daily devotional this morning, I am reminded of a pastor when I was in college. The old pastor. If I’m not mistaken, at the time he was 72 years old and I often called him “grandpa” I always amazed to him! He was old but still serves God diligently and passionately. One day, I asked him: “why do you still want to keep on serve to the Lord? Would not it be better if you start to take more rest and reduce your activity?” He smiled and said, “My jobs have not been finished. Under conditions like this I just realized how lucky have Jesus.”

I am deeply moved! What such an inspiring answer. Amazing! To be honest, I feel ashamed. At my age that much younger than him, I even often to give up easily and complaining. Then I asked him again: “Grandpa, May I…

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