Rest In Peace Terry Smith

I was so in hopes that Terry Smith Jr. would be found alive and well, unfortunately that was not the case. authorities believe that they have found Terry’s body in a shallow grave on his families property. They also believe he was murdered by his 16-year-old half-brother.

Terry Smith Sr. the father of Terry Smith jr. says that Terry jr. did not have Autism. He believes he may have had ADHD because he was a hyper little boy.

Many parents who have children with the diagnoses of Autism, traveled to help with the hunt for Terry. They believed and were told that Terry had Autism.

Some of the parents were angry when they learned that he may not have been Autistic. They feel that they were possibly lied to.

To me it really does not make any difference whether a child missing has Autism or not. The fact that a child is missing at all breaks my heart. All children are fragile in the fact that they could be abducted at any moment.

I agree to the fact that if these caring volunteers were lied to, that was not right.

In any case, there was a 11-year-old boy named Terry Smith Jr., who may or may not have been challenged that was murdered. May he rest in peace, and may justice prevail for this young man who can no longer speak for himself.

Rest In Peace

Rest In Peace



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