Michael Kingsbury

Our prayers are with Michael’s family.

Michael Kingsbury a 7 year old boy with Autism was found dead today in a car down an alley in Washington D.C. Michael had been missing since Sunday morning around 9:00 am.

My heart goes out to Katrina Kingsbury, Michael’s mother.

Many children that have been diagnosed with Autism, have been wandering away and have had dire consequences lately.

Sarah use to wander off too. One time we found her admitted at the hospital. You cannot always watch your children all of the time. Children with Autism seem to have no danger boundries.

We as parents do the best we can to keep our children protected as much as possible. When you have a child diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum, the protection instinct is intensified.

You try real hard not to smother your children with so much protection, but it is hard.

God be with you Katrina Kingsbury and your family. I am so sorry for the loss of your precious son Michael.Image


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