Bowen Therapy for Autism

Years ago, I had Bowen Treatments because I had severe whiplash. At first I was sure the chiropractor was doing nothing, but by the time I got home I was feeling almost euphoric.

I thought if these treatments were working so well for me, then why not have a go at it with Sarah? It couldn’t hurt right? Sarah had been to a chiropractor before and had cranial work done on her. This was when she was little.

Cover of "The Bowen Technique"

Cover of The Bowen Technique

Back then Bowen Therapy was not recognized by Sarah’s insurance, so all we could afford were one or two treatments for her. One or two treatments are not enough to really get the full effect of the Bowen Treatments.

I had not thought of Bowen Therapy for many years, until my mom slipped and fell down some stairs. Her Naturepath started doing Bowen Therapy on her and she healed up much faster than she would have normally.

Then I got to thinking again about Bowen Treatments for Sarah. Sarah is older now and has her own money. In my mind it is never to late to help Sarah in any way I can so that she has the best quality of life she possibly can.

At her last meeting I brought up the fact that I was looking into Essential Oils and the Gluten and Casein Free Diet for her. I must admit I got some strange looks, but her case worker is very willing to look into it and make sure that she mentions it to Sarah’s doctor. Sarah has a very good team, we as her parents have the final say and everyone is looking out for her best interests. I have not mentioned the Hyperbaric Chamber yet as I am still researching on that.

Before I mention Bowen Therapy to the team I need to make sure and do my research on this technic. When I had it done to me it was 13 years ago. I am sure there is much more research done as to how Bowen Therapy has helped many people with Autism.

This is what Bowen Therapy is;

Bowen Therapy is a holistic and multidimensional approach to pain relief and healing that has achieved remarkable results over the past 50 years. It is based on the recognition by Tom Bowen, its originator, who lived and practiced in Geelong, Victoria, that the underlying cause or source of many musculoskeletal, neurological, neuromuscular and other health or pain problems could be found in the soft tissue or fascia. Fascia is a specific type of connective tissue that forms a three-dimensional web surrounding every tissue in the body. Fascia is the body organiser embracing all nerves, bones, arteries, veins and muscles. Therefore fascial dysfunction can affect every structure, muscle, nerve and organ in the body. Fascia has become the subject of increasing research and recent studies have shown it to be the largest sensory organ in the body. It is rich in a range of receptors that powerfully influence the body’s neuro-muscular physiology in many and complex ways as can be seen in the Bowen Studies section.

Bowen Therapy, through specific soft tissue or fascial release and integration techniques, stimulate specific receptors that enable the body itself to correct dysfunctions and restore homeostasis (balance) on a holistic level. Through treating the cause rather than the symptoms Bowen Therapy has consistently shown it can haveprofound and permanent healing and pain relief outcomes. This relief is experienced by many people who present with a wide range of painful conditions, even where other modalities or treatments have resulted in transient or little improvement. Importantly, Bowen Therapy, being holistic, does not rely on a detailed diagnosis of the problem and its origins, which is often costly and indeterminate. Bowen Therapy treats the whole body, and its holistic effects are apparent in patients who find a resolution to problems above and beyond those for which they have sought treatment, for example lack of energy, stress or emotional issues.

What is Bowen Technique?

A Bowen Therapy session encourages the body to reset and heal itself. It consists of a series of gentle precise moves on skin(or through light clothing),applied to muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, fascia and joints.

How long will it take?

A Bowen Therapy session usually lasts from 45 minutes to 1 hour and frequently results in a deep sense of overall relaxation, allowing the body to recharge and balance itself.

How does it work?

There are many theories as to how Bowen Therapy works, but none completely explain it’s holistic effect and often outstanding results. In particular I have found Bowen Therapy appears to be very effective at treating back aches and pains.

Bowen Therapy does not impose a particular approach on the client. Instead it encourages a gentle response which empowers the body’s own resources to heal itself. Bowen therapy moves are a study in delicacy, being light, gentle and very precise.

It may help many conditions from sports injuries to log standing complaints

There is no vigorous manipulation

Its gentle stimulating and healing

It improves mobility, balances the body and de-toxifies

It improves circulation, lymphatic and venous drainage

It helps address both physiacal and emotional issues

Substantial relief is often achieved after only one session

Will it take a lot of treatments?

The Bowen Therapy Technique is not necessarily a ‘long-term’ treatment program. Most clients find that a small number of treatments, for example 3, are adequate even for long-standing complaints.

Ask anyone who has had a Bowen Therapy session and they will tell you how amazed they were with the results. Most people are initially skeptical about it as Bowen seems so gentle, when compared with some other therapies. Yet it works extremely well and most clients feel significantly better immediately after the first session – depending on the type and seriousness of the injury.

Many athletes find that a regular Bowen Treatment once a week can be very useful in healing sports injuries and helping to prevent further injury.

The Bowen Technique can enhance sports performance and ipmprove balance to the body.

This is what I have found for Bowen Treatments for people with Autism;

  Quieter, happier children

  Better concentration

  Some play engendered / and with pets

  Loss of some obsessive / repetitive behavior

  Sleep patterns greatly improved

  Rage episodes lessened

  Abusive behavior much reduced on self / property

  More instances of language use

  More eye contact – coming out into the world

  Parents’ load relieved – family togetherness enhanced

I will definatly look more into this treatment and let you know what I find out. This is very intriging to say the least 🙂



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