Keep The Faith

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Keep the FaithWhen we have lunch together, my fiancé shared something about Ivan, his employee, who was having severe problem. I asked to him: “what kind of problem?” Then my fiancé said: “I thought, maybe God was testing his faith. His father got kidney disease and meanwhile his little sister has a problem with drugs.”

I am speechless for a moment. It is really hard for Ivan. Not so easy to faced two big problems at the same time. Then I asked to my fiancé: “what can we do for Ivan?” “Pray, sweetheart! Pray and encourage him to keep on his faith. He had started to complain. Why, why and why! I think this is serious. I am afraid his faith getting weak and weaker, and he no longer complaining, but starts to blame God!”

My dear friends, this is life. We often have a problem with our faith. My mind drifted…

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