Natural Alternatives For Autism

Sarah HerbertAlthough Sarah is on prescription medicines, I am constantly looking for natural alternatives that may take the place of those prescription medicines. I would rather her be on natural stuff than anything that may harm her in the long run.


There are all kinds of different natural alternatives for many different things. I try to find natural things specifically pertaining to what Sarah has been diagnosed with on the Autism Spectrum, and outside the Spectrum as well.


I am also looking at things that she now enjoys doing. She has recently taken up painting, which tells me that she is much more tolerant of smells than she use to be.

English: Glass vial containing Fleabane Essent...

English: Glass vial containing Fleabane Essential Oil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)e is much more tolerant of smells than she use to be. 


Sarah has a collection of different lotions and she is taking much more interest in flowers. It is like she is noticing the beauty around her. She often picks wild flowers for me, or she will go to the store and buy me some pretty fake flowers.


So with all of that in mind, I have been collecting different Essential Oils. Essential Oils are very concentrated oils that must be diluted before you use them. I have also been looking at Hydrosols also. Hydrosol is the water that comes from making Essential Oils and you do not have to dilute it, as it is not as strong as Essential Oils.


I know there is a lot of hype out there with MLM (Muti Level Marketing) companies saying that they have the EO (Essential Oil) or Hyrodsol you need for your child’s challenge whatever it may be. I am very skeptical when it comes to what Natural Alternatives I give or do with Sarah.


Sarah has been diagnosed with a wide range of challenges besides Autism. Although she is considered High Functioning her IQ was low (by their standards) and she has low muscle tone, plus the challenges of Bi-Polar, psychotic Episodes, Schizophrenia, Seasonal Effective Disorder, Tourette’s syndrome ect…… I look at everything natural that pertains to all of her needs and not just Autism.


Essential Oils is not the only thing I look at for Sarah. I look at certain vitamins that will help her also and lets not forget diet and exercise. I believe the Gluten and Casein Free Diets could really help Sarah a lot and that will be brought up at her next meeting.


Exercise is really not one of Sarah’s favorite things to do. Her staff got the creative idea to put letters in the mailbox everyday for her, so she would have to go outside (with supervision of course) and get the letters. This excites her a lot and she is willing to do that. Through this she gets some of her exercise.


This year Sarah is really excited about going to Camp Attitude. We also plan on camping a night or two with her. The more she is outside experiencing the natural beauty around her the happier I think she is.


I still believe Hyperberic Chambers would be good for Sarah as well. After all, what is more natural than pure oxygen right? There are so many alternatives out there and I have not even skimmed the surface yet!

English: A boy with autism treats in his perso...

English: A boy with autism treats in his personal hyperberic chamber. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been researching all of the above alternatives for Sarah. I will blog about more I’m sure as I learn more. I would really like to know what others that are going through these challenges or know of anyone with challenges think about Natural Alternatives compared to the Traditional Medicines.


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      • Please continue to share ! I’m very intrigued and hope you can free her of traditional meds.

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