Autism, Prescription Meds, and Weight Gain

I don’t know about you, but with Sarah weight gain has been an issue since she was a teenager. When she was little food was not very important to her, that is except her favorite food such as  boxed Mac and Cheese.

Sarah had (and still does to a degree) texture problems and you just could not get her to eat much. When she became a teenager we pretty much had know choice but to put her on prescription meds. for her different challenges.



The medicines made her eat more, and helped her to try different foods BUT…… they also made her more hungry, and made her gain weight at a phenominal rate. We honestly concidered putting a lock on the refridgerator, because she would raid it when we weren’t looking.

All Sarah knew was that she was hungry all the time, and could not comprehend why we wouldn’t feed her what she wanted when she wanted. Of course when she didn’t get her food, that would just lead to a meltdown of major purportions. The doctors didn’t seem to be concerned about her weight, but we sure were.

Now however, I am very pleased to report that she is on a strict diet and she exercises. On 1-29-2013 she weighed 195. On 5-21-2013 she weighed 172.60. I am so proud of Sarah and her staff working so hard to get her eating healthier and getting her weight down.

This has taught me that even though she is on medicines that make her gain weight, she can still lose the excess weight. Or at least keep her weight under control.



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