Autism Candles

Has anyone ever been to this site ? They are wonderful!

Autism Candles specializes in hand poured soybean wax candle richly scented goodness. They are all made in America. I am not affiliated with this company in any way, neither do I get any money for giving them a plug in my blog.

Just giving my opinion on the fact that they are Awesome!!! There website contains not only yummy smelling candles but also sell Air Freshners, Aroma Burners, Jewelry ect…

They are made by hand and they give much needed awareness to Autism. “ which serves the Autism Candles brand exsits to provide for the candle making needs of the autism  and disability communities as well as our friends”.

I am a big supporter of people/companies that bring awareness to Autism and any other challenge that people may be going through. Check it out, I think you will like what you see 🙂

I know Sarah’s favorites are Vanilla and Pumpkin. What are yours?

PossibleAutism Candles



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