All Autistic’s Atheists? NOT!!!

Ok, this subject really bothers me. I cannot believe that some leader in any country would say that all autistic individuals are atheists. I am glad he apologized.

The head of an autism association in Turkey has apologised for suggesting that autistic people were natural atheists, and that atheism could be a form of autism.

Sociologist Fehmi Kaya, head of the Health and Education Associations for Autistic Children, was reported in numerous Turkish media outlets as saying autistic children were “atheists due to a lack of a section for faith in their brains.”

“That is why they don’t know how to pray, how to believe in God. It is necessary to create awareness [or religion] in these children through methods of therapy.”

“Autistic children were atheists from birth without being aware of it,” he was quoted as saying. “Research says atheism and autistic children are linked. Researchers in the USA and Canada say that atheism is a different form of autism.”

“We cannot expect a child who cannot recognise a picture to recognize God. We need to help the autistic child recognise objects through therapy by targeting areas of senses in the brain.”

As I said before, I am glad that he apologized. I have to wonder though at the damage he may have already made making those untrue statements.

Our daughter Sarah is a verbal high functioning Christian young lady with the diagnosis of Autism and other challenges. She knows who God is because she has a relationship with him. She prays to God and believes Him and in Him. I admire her faith in God.

Just because Autistic individuals are stereotyped as logical thinkers does not mean that they are stuck that way. Do not underestimate people diagnosed with Autism! They may know more about God than any of us so called “Normal” individuals.

Leaders of our countries, think before you speak……on second thought pray before you speak! Your words can produce life or death.


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