Autism and Socializing

31 Bags Party

31 Bags Party

Happy Hostess

Happy Hostess

Beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady.

Beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady.

This past Tuesday we had the honor of being invited to our daughter Sarah’s very first 31 Bags Party. Sarah was the hostess and we all had a great time.

Sarah has always been a people person. She has always wanted to be social, but having sensory problems it was hard for her to even be around people.

When Sarah was little she would try to make friends but found it very hard to do. Children would sometimes try to be her friend, but most children would just bully her. Now, she has chosen not to have friends, only acquaintances.

Even though Sarah has chosen to have acquaintances that is a good thing. Years ago she would not even want that.

When Sarah was home, we would take her on outings and she would just go ballistic. Pretty soon it was just down to me going to the grocery store a few days before we would all go, mapping the store out, making a list and knowing right where everything was.

So when it came time to go on an outing to the said grocery store, we could go in and get out as fast as we could. Some grocery stores even do the shopping for you and bag it so all you have to do is pay for it and take it. Now of course you can shop online and have most things delivered to your door.

I thought is was very important for Sarah to be out in the community as much as she could tolerate. We all had to ignore the rude stares and nasty comments of people. We all have a right to go where we want when we want, no matter if we have challenges or not!

Being around different people helped Sarah to better read people’s reactions. She still struggles with this but she is doing much better.

Now she is beginning to host her own parties with her staffs help and enjoying it. She is also enjoying different things like painting and flowers.

What use to be nearly impossible is now becoming possible for Sarah. Maybe one day she will consent to having friends of her own. In the meantime I am enjoying the fact that she is knocking down all the walls that people said would be impossible for her to do.

You go Sarah! God and your family are your biggest fans!




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