Gluten and Casein Free for Autism

A choice of savoury and sweet gluten free crepes

A choice of savoury and sweet gluten free crepes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Company's Website Logo

English: Company’s Website Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have to be honest. I have heard of Gluten Free, but not  Casein Free diets for children diagnosed with Autism.

When Sarah was growing up there was not much mentioned about her diet. We just wanted to try to make sure that she was getting the nutrients she needed.

Changing Sarah’s diet was very challenging and time-consuming but worth it. If I would have known about taking Gluten and  Casein out of her diet, I would have done it.

I am so glad that there are some professionals out there, that are willing to work with the parents and schools about these unique children and their diets.

Below is a link to a very informative video that explains everything about changing your child’s diet to Gluten-free and Casein  free. I am definitely going to bring this up at Sarah’s next meeting with her team. She may be 24 years old but it is never to late to start.

I hope that some of the below articles will help you also. I know they will help me:)

As with anything to do with any changes or treatment of Autism or any other disorder, please talk with your doctor first.

Cooking gluten-free shortbread cookies.

Cooking gluten-free shortbread cookies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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