GMO and Autism

Their is a lot of speculation about the food industry today. The reason I am bolging about food right now is because it is very important to everyone

Autistic individuals are very prone to texture problems. Sometimes people with Autism prefer to eat only one or two things over and over.

So what if your child with Autism likes a particular food that has been genetically modified, and you did not know it was genetically modified?

I understand that about 70 percent of our food is genetically modified now. I cannot help but wonder if GMO might have something to do with the rise in Autism? Just a thought.

None of our food is labeled GMO so how are we suppose buy the best food for our families? What long term effect will GMO food have on our families?

Other than having your own farm, the best places to shop would be farmers markets and buy organic. How do you know if it is truley organic? I suppose you would have to grow your own food.

If you are like me, growing your own food was not an option when we were raising Sarah. What we did was join a gleaners that has a community garden.

We slowly introduced new foods to Sarah. It was a long time of trial and error to get her to eat healthy foods but she got their. Eventually she began to love eating raw veggies.

If you have a child with Autism that is picky about there food be as creative as possible to get the good food down them. Start when they are babies.

Please be very careful and mindful about what you are putting on your tables for your family to eat. I understand that not everyone can afford to eat as healthy as they want, I no because I have been their. Please, just do the best you can.


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