Sarah and her walk with Autism

Sarah and MeI am Sarah’s Mom. She has given me permission to blog about her walk with Autism. She wants me to make everyone aware of Autism and other disorders and what can be done about them.

So far I have blogged about what can be done, but I have not blogged very much about Sarah and this is my time to remedy that.

Sarah had hip dysplasia when she was born, she also had a dislocated shoulder that was set. She was in a hip brace for the first nine months of her life.

Sarah was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism at 2 years of age, low muscle tone and sensory perception disorder as well. She had early intervention. She learned sign language and that helped her to speak. I have read some articles that say that a person with Autism has no empathy, that is just not true. Sarah has a lot of empathy and compassion for people and things that she cares about. Sarah had to be taught not to be so rigid and she learned to be more adaptable.

When Sarah was 9 years old she was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome. A few years later she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and Bi-Polar with psychotic Episodes. She told me that the Autism doesn’t bother her as much as the Tourette’s does, and she really hates schizophrenia.

I wish I could say this has been an easy walk for her but it hasn’t. She goes through her ups and downs like anyone else does and her emotions and behaviors are a little more extreme, ok a lot more extreme at times.

Sarah is a very social person, however to many people (especially little children and babies) bother her. She loves God and her family.

Sarah is 24 years old now and she lives with a roommate and staff is there to help her when she needs it. She is now able to go out into the community with staff and has more good days than bad. She has overcome every obsticale that has been before her. The Dr.’s said that she would not be able to do certain things or speak and she has proven them wrong  just like Jacob Barnett was able to do.

Sarah has 3 part time jobs and does very well at them. At one point the Governor and his team were going to take away jobs for special needs people and she and her staff went to the Capitol Building to protest. She told them that if they took away her jobs she would fire each and everyone of them. She wrote her concerns in a letter with staffs help to the Governor with the expression she would fire him too. She got to keep her jobs 🙂

She is doing better now than she ever has. We talk on the phone nearly everyday and skype also. We see her quite a bit. We are even able to sit in a resteraunt with her, have lunch and a great time.

Sarah and I want people to know that just because you may be diagnosed with something, it doesn’t mean that you are limited to that diagnosis. You are so much more than a diagnosis or a label. Sarah is doing really well right now and she wants to give everyone hope.Sarah Herbert


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