Teenage Boy with Autism Found

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents w...

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents wearing Level B hazmat suits (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did you know that every 11 minutes a family receives the devastating news that one of their children is on the Autism Spectrum? Every 11 minutes one family is forever changed

So, how could a former City councilman leave his son with Autism, in a home alone for a long period of time and not even check on him. The neighbors called the police because they had not seen the teenager in some time.

The house the police found the teenager in was in such bad shape they had to wear hazmat suits to go in. It is disgusting that a father would leave his son with Autism (or any child with any challenge) in a condition like that.

The police said there were feces on the walls. I did not see that on the video. They also said that the house was full of rodents.

I am very glad that the neighbor called the police and the situation is being taken care of. I hope that there is no permanent damage done to the teenager and that he will be ok.

The father says he will clean up the house and get his boy back. The house has been temporarily condemned. He says the whole thing has been blown out of proportion.




4 thoughts on “Teenage Boy with Autism Found

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  2. I don’t even know what to say! 😦 That story sounds awful!!!! How long did the father leave the boy? Maybe the dad didn’t realise his son would react so badly to him leaving? :S That’s what I want to believe anyway, how a parent can leave their child like that is heartbreaking 😦

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