Redefining Asperger’s and other disorders

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Mental Health Awareness Ribbon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I understand that DSM has to update it’s mental health dictionary. I can understand why some people are happy about it and why some people are not happy about it.

I think that some individuals with challenges such as Asperger’s are going to fall through the mental health cracks and some individuals with other challenges are not. My concern is, is what affect is this update going to have on everyone with challenges in the long run. A lot of challenged individuals are going to be very confused and so are their family members and guardians.

Depression will be no longer a bereavement exclusion. This has been omitted from the DSM-5, many experts think that this could muddy the waters of diagnosis. Bipolar disorder in children will be in a new category. Hoarding is going to be a legitimate condition, not mention internet use gaming disorder.

” The number of people who will qualify as having ASD is also controversial — some estimates suggest only 60% of people currently diagnosed with autism under the DSM-IV criteria would meet the DSM-5 definition.”

I have to be honest. I have some misgivings about this and I know some mental health care providers do also.

Published by the American Psychiatric Associat...

Published by the American Psychiatric Association, the DSM-IV-TR provides a common language and standard criteria for the classification of mental disorders. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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