Autism and Wandering away

Autistic individuals tend to use different are...

Autistic individuals tend to use different areas of the brain (yellow) for a movement task compared to a control group (blue). Powell K. Opening a window to the autistic brain. PLoS Biol . 2004 ;2(8) :E267. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.0020267. PMID 15314667. PMC 509312. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After the tragedy that has befallen  Mikaela Lynch and her parents, I felt compelled to blog about why some individuals with autism wander away so often.

I know with our experiences with Sarah wandering away, she seemed to have know concept of  any danger what so ever. One time she walked in our neighbor down the streets home, sat at their dinner table and proceeded to have dinner with them, and we did not even no them. Another time she rode her bike down the center lane on a very busy street.

These things happen all the time with families that have an autistic child. So what would make them wander off when you try to make your home as lock down as possible to keep them protected, but yet as normal as possible so they don’t feel so confined? Are they just running on instinct all of the time?

The Autistic brain is so wonderfully perplexing. I can only imagine what Mikaela’s parents are going through right now and my prayers are with them. I do know about the fright of your child wandering off. I hope and pray that everyone involved with Mikaela’s case will give her parents the time they need to grieve for their precious little girl.

What can we do to help protect our children who wander off more?–207585551.html



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