Autistic children who run away

Door with two locks, one in the door knob and ...

Door with two locks, one in the door knob and a separate deadbolt. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are many parents who have Autistic children and even those that have autism as adults, who runaway or they just wander off. I happen to be one of those parents that this has happened to. I have to tell you it is on by the grace of God that Sarah was found each and every time. I know the panic feeling and I also know the accusing looks I would get from people who thought I was not adequately looking after my daughter Sarah, but when Sarah was found safe and sound I did not care what others thought because we as a family were doing the best we could. We got alarms that made loud noises, dead bolt locks that locked on the inside ect….. eventually she would figure them all out and disappear. As she got older the wandering off got less and less because she felt safer at home.

This happens all the time sometimes on a daily basis with Autistic individuals and we as parents with Autistic individuals are doing the best we can to keep our children home and safe and it is not an easy thing to do.


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