New Law on Padded Rooms for Autistic Children

When Sarah was going to school they did not have padded rooms, they had closets with no protection. She would get put in the room or a blocked off space away from everything and everybody. I however did not know about this until Anna our middle daughter came home to tell me. Sarah would be left in the room without supervision for long periods of time. You cannot leave a child in a room like that for most of the day even if it is padded. You need to have good, caring, qualified teachers (and I know there are some out their) to be able to handle things right. I believe Gov. Jan Brewer is on the right track. Don’t punish an Autistic child for something they have no control over!!!


3 thoughts on “New Law on Padded Rooms for Autistic Children

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  2. It is scary what the schools can do to our children with out our knowledge. A mentally challenged child is even more vulnerable to being victimized. Unfortunately, I know the school which did that to Sarah. They tried to do that to my child, who is not mentally challenged and when he acted out against his treatment they tried to put him on Ritalin. I who was in trying to work with his teacher eventually took her to the school board and told them what she was doing to my son. Although, I never heard what they did, I know she did not teach the following year.

    We as parents of all children, need to be actively involved with our children. It seems as if our government is taking our rights away and giving them to the education system. Getting involved sends a message to teachers that we are actively involved in every part of our children’s lives.

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