Parents at their wits end

I know how exhausting taking care of a child with Autism can be. Sarah required only 3 hrs of sleep a day. When she became a teenager her doctor gave her some medicine to hopefully make her sleep, instead it would wire her up or her body would acclimate to it very quickly and it would not work for her anymore. I did not want her to become a guinea pig for what might work and what might not, but we were desperate to find something that would work for a long period of time. We were so tired. I would try so hard to make sure that everyone in our household would get the sleep they needed to function the next day, only to find out that they were pretty much awake anyway, but they knew that Sarah only responded to me at the time so to keep some sort of peace they stayed in their rooms. When she was 16 she became psychotic and was a real danger to herself and others we had to do something that I would wish on nobody and that was to put her in an institution for 4 months because there was nothing else that could be done. No doctor would see her unless she had been institutionalized and stabilized medically. We were living in the South at this time. It seems that there are no effective services for adolescence or adults with Autism. My heart goes out to these parents because I have been in their shoes and it is very heart breaking.


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