Autism and Birth Trauma

I find it sort of amusing that there are articles relating birth trauma to Autism now. The reason I say that is because when we tried to link the trauma Sarah and I went through during her birth nobody would listen to me. I am happy that professionals are finally taking into consideration that birth trauma could indeed cause delays and or autistic traits in individuals who are eventually diagnosed as such.


3 thoughts on “Autism and Birth Trauma

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  2. It is Amazing to me how often the doctors don’t want to listen, or hear your side of things! Jakob just had tubes put in his ears. His hearing was comparable to the pressure in your ears when an airplane takes off, or being underwater all day long. He could HEAR just not to the best of his ability of hearing the organ wasn’t damaged, the sound just couldn’t carry through to the hearing organ. The doctor said it would just make less ear infections, and didn’t really care about the hearing. The DAY of the surgery, we got home, the tv was at a low level and he was asking us to turn it down and talk quieter. He has a speech impediment. I FINALLY got the doctor to realize I needed a referral to an ear nose throat specialist because he is falling behind in first grade and has an IEP for his speech. Now his speech is getting better by leaps and bounds. He was SOOO excited to sing in his school concert because he could actually “hear Mr. Cole teaching me the songs now”… it is truly amazing and had I NOT pestered the doctor so much that I drove her crazy I would have NEVER gotten the referral! I would bug her at EACH of the kids’ appointments! The girls would have an appointment and at the end I wouldn’t let her leave until she checked his ears! She just thought I wanted to blame any issues he had on something! I am glad that they are finding little small indicators, because maybe the parents and family of that child can gather information, find a possible support group and know what is on their plate when it comes to someone on the Autistic Spectrum! Each person is different, but with a little help to know what might be expected, people will have less hassel and heartache in the end!

    • Kelly you are right. I hope that that support groups are better than they use to be. Just remember that only you are your best advocate for your child, nobody else is going to do it but you.

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